Explaining the signs and the acronyms:

Boost Card: Baadraan credit cards that are used to take advantage of discounts. The Boost Card price is determined based on the international Euro rate. Currently, five types of Boost Card are available as 100, 150, 200, 500 and 1000 Euro.

BC: Baadraan Credit, which is awarded every 50 euros (BC) to the buyer and his/her group leader 1 point (subject to the terms of the compensation plan).

BU: Baadraan Unit. Each BU is equivalent to 30 euros.

Boost: A type of voucher and internal rating for Baadraan distributers that are used for specific orders or to use specified features. These facilities are defined and expanded over time. Of the 6 BUs, the sixth will be paid as Boost, which is visible on the desktop in the BoostBox section.

BACCs: Boost Accounts are virtual positions that anyone can use to maximize their rewards.

ExRate: The exchange rate is used to convert the euro into local currency. All commodity prices are set in euros and converted to local currency for display on the Baadraan website. All commissions and bonuses use this rate to convert from Euro to other currencies or from other currencies to the Euro. Note: The exchange rates at the beginning of each cycle will be set on a free market basis and will be considered as fixed rates during the cycle.

Cycle: A period at which every distributor can purchase and upgrade his/her own (BC) ratings and collections as well as his/her team too. The Baadraan International Compensation Plan considers a week as one Cycle. In this case, the beginning of the Cycle is Monday and it ends at midnight on Sunday as IRST (Iran Standard Time). The calculations of commissions and rewards will be held at the end of each cycle and they will be recorded on every distributer's desktop. The commissions will be transferred to the accounts declared following Baadraan Company rules.

International Compensation Plan

There are unique and special items distributed through Baadraan International Compensation Plan. This product is a discount credit card that can be used by citizens and residents of countries other than Iran having very great special conditions. It is to be noted that joining the Baadraan Business plan is completely free and voluntary.

Citizens and residents of countries other than Iran, to take advantage of the international compensation plan, must purchase a credit card worth 100 to 1000 Euros and register it at their desk at the International Website. In this case, the person not only activates his/her position to receive the commission but can also use Boost Card discounts by purchasing goods from the Baadraan stores or using the services that will be introduced later. The maximum discount available will be five-time greater than the amount of the Boost card value.

BACCs: Boost Accounts (Boosted Positions)

Distributors have 15 BACCs with balanced alignment at their desktop on the International Website by default, which includes one main and 14 virtual positions in the diagram below. Baadraan Company has planned these Boost Accounts (BACCs) to maximize distributors' commissions. Each position can be activated by citizens and residents of countries other than Iran by registering a Boost Card.

Activate Position

Activating the boost account position is the first condition to get the commission. Therefore, to receive a reward from the International Plan, you must have at least one active boost account position. The amount and validity of the above positions are as follows:

The value of the boost accounts 100 Euros 150 Euros 200 Euros 500 Euros 1000 Euros
Validity Duration 1 year 1.5 years 2 years 5 years 10 years
Get points (BC) from downlines

When the distributor activates boost account, he/she is eligible for a BC point from the registered Boost card in his organization; getting BC points are as follows:

The value of the boost accounts 100 Euros 150 Euros 200 Euros 500 Euros 1000 Euros
Maximum Point (BC) Received from Downlines 2 points (BC) 3 points (BC) Maximum Point (BC)
Note: Distributors only earn points (BC) from subscribers through citizens and residents of countries other than Iran who register Boosts Cards.
The importance of alignment and balance

One of the benefits of the International Compensation Plan is alignment and channeling of the downlines by the distributors at positions 7 to 14; if the distributor aligns its downlines correctly, he/she can maximize his/her commission in this plan. Downlines' points (BCs) are calculated for a distributor's position when the distributor has channeled the downlines; it is essential to be well familiar with balance regulation in calculating bonuses to perform a better channeling.

The Plan is designed in a way that every position in Boost Account can be qualified to get commissions only when it provided a 3-multiplied equilibrium (BCs) on the right and left; i.e., for every 6 points (BCs), it will be awarded a bonus of EUR 30 (1 BU), and this is only when the above mentioned 6 points (BCs) are balanced in two hands in the team. In this case, the position will receive 30 Euros (1 BU) for each 3-3 balance.

Note: Except for the potential position (the downline having the most BC), the rest of the channels can be changed, and if the downlines channel is changed, all BC reservations will be eliminated.
Example: Consider a distributor having two downlines A and B. A, together with his team, has gained a total of 30 BCs. While the B earned a total of 10 BC points. In this case, the reward for the distributor will be calculated for 9 BC from A and 9 BC from B. The bonus will be 3x30 euros. The remaining BCs for which the bonus is not calculated are saved for the next period and they'll be recalculated with the new BCs acquired by them. Thus, in the next period, the distributor will score 21 (BCs) in A and 1 BC in B. All the points earned by these two people, along with their downlines, will be added to these items and will be included in the calculation at the end of the new cycle.

Another example: if the distributor has 5 downlines with the following conditions:

Downline Total (BCs) of entire team Channeling in BACCs positions
A 20 7
B 10 14
C 30 8
D 25 13
E 15 9

In that case, by channeling these people into the designated position, the distributor can receive bonuses from positions 3, 1 and 6 apart from his/her main position. This will only happen if the positions in question are eligible for the bonus.

Saved for the next cycle Compensation amount Calculable BC(s) Obtained BC(s) Account name
32x2 BC 11x30 Euro 33x33 BC 65x35 BC Main
35x0 BC 5x30 Euro 15x15 BC 50x15 BC Position 1 of BACC
2x12 BC 6x30 Euro 18x18 BC 20x30 BC Position 3 of BACC
1x16 BC 3x30 Euro 9x9 BC 10x25 BC Position 6 of BACC
750 Euro Total earning
Commission Claims:

The rewards are calculated and paid at the end of each cycle. The value of each BU is € 30, which is converted and deposited at the rate of universal conversion rate at the time of payment. Please note that the exchange rate will be determined based on the international market exchange rates at the beginning of each period and will be considered as constant during that period.

Note: Out of every 6 BUs calculated, the sixth BU payment will be Boosted, which is visible on the desktop in the BoostBox section.

هEach distributor will be rewarded from every position in any given cycle based on the position's validity up to the ceiling specified in the following table:

The value of the boost accounts 100 Euros 150 Euros 200 Euros 500 Euros 1000 Euros
Ceiling of reward during the cycle 6000 Euros 9000 Euros 12000 Euros

چIf an individual receives a bonus over the above values during a cycle, all his/her reserved BCs will be subtracted (Flash out).

Note: Each position has an expiration date that can be used for rewards during the cycle. If the date expires, the distributor will no longer be rewarded for that BC. Please note that during the invalidity period, no points (BC) in the team will be calculated and saved for the individual.
Importance of the Sales Bag in commission claim:

All distributors who intend to receive a commission higher than the minimum remuneration per week (as shown in the table below), the determined amount must be deducted from their sales bag. Citizens and residents of countries other than Iran must, therefore, use their Boost Card to purchase (by purchasing goods from Baadraan Stores or using Boost Card Services).

For buyers of 100 Euro Discount Card For buyers of 150 Euro Discount Card For buyers of 200, 500, and 200 Euro Discount Card (EURO)
Minimum amount of expending by Boost card Commission amount (Euro Minimum amount of expending by Boost card Commission amount (Euro Minimum amount of expending by Boost card Commission amount (Euro
0 60 0 90 0 120
10 300 15 450 20 600
20 600 30 900 40 1200
30 900 45 13500 60 1800
40 1200 60 1800 80 2400
50 1500 75 2250 100 3000
60 1800 90 2700 120 3600
70 2100 105 3150 140 4200
80 2400 120 3600 160 4800
90 2700 135 4050 180 5400
100 3000 150 4500 200 6000
110 3300 165 4950 220 6600
120 3600 180 5400 240 7200
130 3900 195 5850 260 7800
140 4200 210 6300 280 8400
150 4500 225 6750 300 9000
160 4800 240 7200 320 9600
170 5100 255 7650 340 10200
180 5400 270 8100 360 10800
190 5700 285 8550 380 11400
200 6000 300 9000 400 12000
Note: In the event of the sales bag of the distributor is empty, the Minimum Commission (between € 60 and € 120, based on the table) will be rewarded for the distributor and any remaining points will be saved for the next cycle.